Who are we?

Since it’s inception in Jan 2014, Little Innovators School (a primary school in Athi River) has been through an exciting journey, breaking away from the norm and challenging children to identify problems in society, transform them into opportunities by solving them through entrepreneurship and innovation.

To the delight of our learners, from 2017, STEM was firmly embedded into the classroom delivery which complemented the CBC curriculum. By 2019, the school was already offering emerging technologies training in artificial intelligence, coding and robotics.


To be the role model and authority in nurturing entrepreneurial innovators of fourth industrial revolution.


Prepare generations for the future of work by nurturing them to be problem solvers of society problems through training in design thinking, STEM and fourth industrial revolution technologies while emphasizing on 21st Century skills and ethical behavior

Our Values

  • Integrity and God fearing
  • Excellence and Customer focus
  • Forward-thinking
  • Empowerment
  • Innovation with passion
  • Teamwork

Passion to impact

Through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) and emerging technologies (Robotics, Drone technology etc), we challenge children to be problem-solvers of pertinent issues in their societies.


66% of learners in primary school will end up in careers that do not exist…By 2022, most current careers will have been drastically transformed by emerging technologies (like artificial intelligence, robotics, drone technology, 3-D printing, virtual reality, block chain technology, among others)…World Economic Forum – future of jobs report 2018.

Our Services

1. STEAM Education for schools

In partnership with Tech Kids Africa we nurture innovators and problem solvers of the Fourth Industrial revolution by training schools in Robotics, artificial intelligence, coding, animation, web and graphic design, drone technology etc.

2. Breakthrough Innovation (CBC chap chap)

In 2018, we came up with, an assessment software that eases teacher workload and provides a dashboard to management for better quality control of assessment and learner progress.

3. SDG clubs -Entrepreneurship and innovation:

We train learners of other schools to be innovators and problem solvers of societal problems while aligning to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to which Kenya is a signatory.

4. Blue Ocean Strategy Workshops

We help small to large enterprises to achieve sustainable growth and resilience by creating new viable offerings that create uncontested market spaces and make competition irrelevant. This is a break away from cut throat red ocean strategy where firms compete for the same market while achieving minimal growth.

5. ISO BEACON (BusinessEffectiveness And CONtinuity)Workshops (over 15 schools trained)

We create awareness of benefits of quality management systems and how the systems help achieve business resilience, continuity, risk management, succession planning and operational excellence.

6. Setup, implementation, maintenance and audit of ISO 9001 quality management systems:

We use the ISO 9001 risk-based approach to help organisationsmap out their processes and ensure effectiveness and efficiency driven by customer focus. They are able to ensure sustainable growth and resilience against risks like COVID, staff turnover etc.

7. Career compatibility testing workshops

These help solve the career dilemma of career choices for students seeking to pursue tertiary education. The tests yields a personal SWOT analysis which guides them in pursuing careers of passion, ultimately leading to employees who are passionate and productive

8. Career and entrepreneurship coaching:

Targeting youth and adults to identify career pathways that harness their talents to achieve their maximum potential. They are guided on career and entrepreneurial options aligned to their personality types.

Our Passionate Team

Nuru Luhindi

|Founding Director | Metis fellow | IRCA Auditor | PCQI | MBA

Passionate about helping people and organisations achieve maximum potential through setup and maintenance of quality management systems. Offers consultancy services ISO 9001 and entrepreneurship and innovation training.

Salma Luhindi

Director Training & Quality | B.Com |Dip. Business management | Cert. Public relations| Entrepreneur

Passionate about personal development of children and quality management systems. She has a very high acumen of operationalization of strategies for optimal service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Rukia Atikiya

(PhD) Business Management| Little Innovators School - Director Strategy & partnerships| Senior lecturer | Deputy Director Learning and Development at Kenya School of Government (KSG) | Founder Solutions for Women Organisation (SWO)

Passionate about exploring a critical link between education, strategy, entrepreneurship and empowerment, especially of marginalized groups. Inspires youth and girls to realize their full potential through SWO.

Prof. Seyitriza Tigrek

Little Innovators School - Director Technology & outreach | BSc. Mechanical Engineering | MSc. Industrial Engineering | PhD. Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Passionate about research in Mechatronics, Robotics, Programming 3D Printers, automation and any ideas which will serve local community. International work experience in Turkey, US, Uganda and Kenya and defends innovation for all ages.

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